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Welcome to World of Dream Symbols – the new hub of the dream world!  You are about to embark on exciting inner journey into the depths of your consciousness.

The purpose of this website is to help you understand the meaning in your dreams, learn the language in which they communicate, and to use your dreams to better understand yourself and as a guiding light in your life. 

Welcome to World of Dream Symbols – the new hub of the dream world!  You are about to embark on exciting inner journey into the depths of your consciousness.

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The purpose of this website is to help you understand the meaning in your dreams, learn the language in which they communicate, and to use your dreams to better understand yourself and as a guiding light in your life. 

Dreams offer a wealth of information about your feelings and emotions, your wants and desires, your likes and dislikes.  Dreams can show you the future.  They can heal wounded relationships and mend a broken heart. 

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Dreams can help you rewrite your past and extract positive lessons from painful experiences.  They are the gateway to your creative potential.  Dreams are powerful teachers, healers, and guides.   And once understood dreams open a window to your Soul. 

The  main themes of this website are:

  • Dream Interpretation: How to understand dream meanings
  • Lucid Dreaming: How to consciously control your dreams
  • Spirituality & Consciousness: How dreams help you discover who you really are at the center of being.  This section also includes other various related topics on spirituality and consciousness.

What Are Dreams?

That’s a good question.  As it turns out, many scientists are still asking that very same question.  The dictionary tells us that dreams are “a succession images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.” 

But does that definition encompass the richness of dreams and the dream world?  I think not.

Dreams carry rich symbolism and deep meaning.  If you’ve ever woken up with a sudden burst of inspiration, or with a solution to a challenge you’d been facing, you understand that dreams have much more depth than the dictionary leads us to believe. 

Science & Dreams

Science has shown us many important characteristics of dreaming, such as:

  • Everybody dreams, every night
  • Dreams help you solve problems and think creatively
  • Dreams help you assimilate information and facilitate learning
  • Dreams are more essential to human life than food

But even with all this knowledge, science still doesn't fully understand what dreams are or why we have them.

Psychology & Dreams

The psychological study of dreams shows us that dreams open a doorway to your subconscious mind.  Freud famously made dream interpretation a serious discipline with his theory that dreams carry symbolically coded messages from deeper regions of the consciousness. 

Freud taught us that dreams are meaningful and that they can be interpreted and understood.  In fact, he placed so much importance on dreams that he called them “the royal road to the unconscious.”

Spirituality & Dreams

Ancient spiritual traditions, such as many Native American philosophies, go even deeper and tell us that dreams are not only a gateway to the unconscious, but even more importantly,  they open a window to your Soul. 

Through your dreams you have access to:

  • The infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Universe
  • Your Higher Self
  • Future, past, and parallel events
  • Your ancestors and deceased loved-ones

From a spiritual perspective, dreams are as real as your waking consciousness.  They, literally and physically, exist in a dimension and plane of their own.   So, yes, that walk you dreamt of taking with your deceased dog really happened in the dream plane. 

Spirituality also teaches us that dreams are necessary for human survival because they serve as a link to the spirit world and are a continuous connection to your Higher Self.  Through your dreams, your Higher Self transmits information to your subconscious and conscious minds.  This information is used (whether you’re aware of it or not) to inform your choices and help you make decisions. 

From the spiritual tradition, we have one major take-away:  dreams are powerful.

How Your Dreams Help You Lead a More Fulfilled Life

Dreams provide you with intimate access to the deepest parts of your being.  If that sounds scary, never fear – that’s why dream symbols are coded – so that you don’t get overwhelmed with knowledge you’re not ready for.  You can think of your dreams as an ally and a good friend. 

Through your dreams you can:

  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Solve problems
  • Overcome fears
  • Increase your ability to learn
  • Discover your true passions
  • Achieve greater states of relaxation
  • Reduce stress
  • Unlock your imagination
  • And more…

Dream Symbols: The Key to Looking Inward

All our lives we've been taught to look outward – for knowledge, for wisdom, for happiness, for survival, for everything.  We've been told that the answers are out there somewhere: with your teachers, your boss, your superiors, doctors, government officials, and all sorts of experts on various topics. 

In all this looking outward, we've lost touch with our own inner knowledge and innate wisdom.   The truth is you already have everything you will ever need.  And it lies inside of you. 

I am passionate about dreams and have dedicated this website to spreading the knowledge about the importance of dreams because through your dreams you have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe.  By learning to understand your dreams and dream symbols, you simultaneously learn to understand yourself. 

Since everyone already dreams, understanding your dream symbols is an easily accessible and enjoyable way to get to know yourself, your unique talents and gifts, and how you can truly lead a happy, joyous and fulfilling life.

Learning a New Language

Unlocking the mysteries of your dreams is simple, fun and something anyone can learn.  Dreams arise from your subconscious mind; they originate from within you and are an outpouring of whatever is inside of you. 

Your subconscious mind is creative and fluid, rather than logical like your conscious waking brain.  So in your dreams, when your subconscious takes over, it creates all sorts of connections that you normally wouldn’t associate in your waking state.  These associations might not make sense to your logical mind, but they make perfect sense to your subconscious mind.

To understand the language of your dreams, all you need to do is understand the connections and associations you make on an unconscious level.  You do this by looking at your dream symbols. 

Dream symbols are simply any concept, idea, situation, or object that occurs in your dream.   These concepts and ideas are based on your past experiences and associations.  Since everyone has a unique experience and perspective, your dream symbols are tailored directly to you.

This is what makes dream interpretation so natural and intuitive to the dreamer.    

Next Steps

This site contains over 100 free articles on dreams, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, and spirituality and consciousness.  It benefits the new dream practitioner, all the way to advanced dreamers.   I am constantly updating this site and adding new content to help you better understand dream meanings, so be sure to stay connected like my Facebook page,  subscribe to my YouTube channel, and signup for my newsletter.

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