How to Control Your Dreams:
Lucid Dreaming Infographic

This stunning lucid dreaming infographic offers the beginning lucid dreamer a visual road map for achieving lucidity in the dream world.  You will learn:

  • Stages of the sleep cycle
  • Lucid Dream sleep stage
  • Basics of REM sleep
  • Brain activity during various sleep stages
  • Personality traits of lucid dreamers
  • How to lucid dream
  • Reality checks
  • How to enter dreamland

Ready to begin your journey of conscious dream control?  Read on to find the way:

How To Control Your Dreams

Lucid Dreaming Infographic: Final Thoughts

This beautiful infographic offered a quick overview of what lucid dreaming is all about.  Master the techniques presented above and you’ll quickly become a master lucid dreamer.

To sum it all up, becoming conscious in your dreams is a skill that anybody can learn.  Understanding your sleep cycles is the first step.  You’ll achieve lucidity during REM sleep, which is when active dreaming occurs. 

It’s absolutely paramount that you are able to recall your dreams.  If you don’t recall your dreams, you could potentially be having lucid dreams every night and you would never even know it!   Check out this page for nine simple steps to better dream recall.

Along with recalling your dreams, it’s essential to keep a dream journal, where you can record your dream signs and reoccurring themes so that you’ll recognize it the next time you’re in dreamland.

Practicing reality checks during the day will help you recognize when you’ve entered into the dream world.  You’ll remember to do your reality check in a dream… and voila… you’ll realize you’re in a dream and become lucid!

The basics of lucid dreaming are really that simple. But if you’ve read through the infographic and still haven’t had your first lucid dream, don’t worry.  Although each technique by itself is quite simple to understand and implement, it takes time and practice to master these skills.  Don’t lose heart – keep practicing. 

And you’re not alone, my friend.

The Lucid Dreaming section of this website is here to guide you on your journey.  Here, you will find more information, fleshed out and discussed, and more in-depth reviews, tips and techniques to achieve lucidity in dreamland. 

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