Snakes in dreams

by ABC

I dream of snakes quite often … sometimes moving…sometimes just sitting…. I see them… generally as well…when I close my eyes… while doing house hold work in general… and I’m really disturbed and scared… don’t know why… this occurrence has increased in last few months… generally I don’t remember dreams… but snake dreams I do!

Last night I dreamt that we are picking flowers – me, my husband, and kid – from a fragrant tree... and there are a lot of flowers on that tree… other people also pick flowers from that tree… then next day there are very few flowers remaining on the tree. And we are in a dilemma whether to pick it or not… then I say that we HAVE to as we do it daily… and ask him not to take baby along as there may be snakes in the tree as its fragrant flower and snakes get attracted to it… but still we go. And I grab the baby and don’t let it go near the tree… while my husband goes and picks the flower and a small whitish snake comes out and curls around his arms… though it does not do anything…. and then I don’t remember further… any suggestions?

Dream Interpretation by Amy:

This is a very spiritual dream. The main theme is reaching your highest potential through spiritual means. Since you mentioned the recurring theme of snakes, we’ll look at snakes first, and then we’ll examine how everything fits together in your dream.

Snake Symbolism

Snakes are nothing to be scared of. They seem to be quite a misunderstood creature, and many people are afraid of them. This is likely because we don’t generally understand snakes – we know that SOME snakes are poisonous, but we don’t know which ones, and so we fear ALL snakes. I don’t know if this explains your fear, but it’s what I’ve observed in others.

There’s also a religious/cultural based fear. I don’t know if this applies to you, but many Christians have a fear or suspicion of snakes due to their portrayal in the Bible, particularly the snake’s involvement with Adam and Eve.

Snakes are powerful symbols and have been depicted in almost every culture on Earth. They are associated with spirituality and mysticism. Sadhguru wrote an outstanding blog post on the symbolism of snakes .

In modern culture, we still use snakes as symbols: Snakes represent the medical field, as well as used to depict commerce and business. Even I wear a copper snake ring which represents the human aspiration to attain the peak of consciousness. As you can see, snakes are powerful symbols.

Dreaming of snakes is also quite powerful. And the fact that you are having multiple recurring dreams about snakes indicates that the snake is an important symbol for you and that the snake could be a great teacher for you. I recommend paying attention when you see a snake either in your waking life or in your dream life.

Your Dream

Now let’s take a look at the dream as a whole and see how everything fits together.

The dream begins with you picking flowers from a fragrant tree. In dreams, trees represent YOU as a living being. The specific part of the tree that you see in the dream is the branches – as that is where flowers grow. The branches of a tree represent your abilities and your potential in life – where you are headed or the direction you could potentially go in your life.

The tree has flowers, which represent your own personal growth – they indicate your own personal “flowering,” as in becoming aware of who you are and what you are capable of. Just as the flower is a tree or plant’s highest attainment, this symbol represents YOUR highest attainment.

So, the first part of the dream is showing you that you have the ability to reach your highest potential in this lifetime. You have the potential to “flower,” to blossom, and to bloom in your life, in whatever way is right for you. You will make your own path, but the potential for higher attainment is there – of course, nothing is guaranteed. It’s up to you to decide what you want to accomplish in your life and what you want to do.

At first there are many flowers on the tree and others are picking the flowers too. This part of the dream shows that there is enough for everyone. Everyone has the ability to “flower” and reach their highest potential. At a fundamental level, we are all the same, so the dream is showing you that this ability is inherent in everyone, and that there is enough abundance to go around.

Now, you go back to the tree and there are only a few flowers remaining – you have to decide if you want to pick one or not. This part of the dream could indicate a fear – particularly a fear of scarcity. In our modern culture, we are taught that resources are scarce and that we must fight and compete in order to get our piece of the pie. The outcome of this belief is shown in the dream – others have picked over the flowers so now you have a dilemma, to pick or not.

You choose to go back to the tree to pick your flower. You say you HAVE to do it daily. Knowing that picking the flower is something you have to do daily represents discipline. It will take discipline and determination in your life in order for you to reach your highest potential and “flower.” And since you are picking a flower daily in the dream, this shows us that the discipline you need revolves around consciously attaining your highest potential and cultivating greater awareness in your life.

You go back to the tree, but are afraid of the snakes – you know that snakes are attracted to fragrant flowers. Going back to what we previously learned about snakes, snakes are spiritual and mystical creatures. And flowers represent attaining your highest potential. Regardless of what we may think “attaining your highest potential” means, most humans (including myself) have no idea what that actually means – it’s a concept way beyond our experience. It goes beyond the physical and into the spiritual realms. In that sense, we see that flowers are a very spiritual symbol. Your own “flowering” is a spiritual flowering, or spiritual awakening. It follows that snakes would be attracted to the fragrant flowers because like attracts like and both the flower and the snake are spiritual symbols.

When you get to the tree you don’t let the baby go near it and your husband picks the flower. This again, represents fear. Not wanting to go near the tree because of the snakes could indicate a fear of the unknown or of fully stepping into who you are and who you have the potential to become. Accepting this would mean fully expressing your own inherent spirituality and letting go of certain beliefs you may be holding onto. This is new territory and often we resist what is new or what we don’t understand. This part of the dream shows your own resistance.

Now, your husband picks a flower from the tree and a small whitish snake curls around his arm. Snakes are attracted to people with great awareness and who have quiet and still minds. Thus, we see that by cultivating your own spiritual gifts, you can attain the qualities attributed to the snake.

The majority of the dream shows you what you have within you and what you have the potential to become. The snake shows you how to do it: through cultivating the spirituality that is already within you – through your own life force. The snake is white, which generally represents awareness and a pure mind. Through its color, the snake is giving you a clue as to what you need to do in order to cultivate your spiritual development further – cultivate awareness and work to quiet your mind and clean it from all the “chatter.”

This may sound vague and I realize I’m not giving any practical “to do’s.” But this is your journey and you will find your own path.

To go deeper: Keep track of when you see snakes either in your waking life or in your dreams. What were you doing when you saw the snake? How did you feel just before the snake appeared? I also recommend learning more about the significance of snakes and doing what you can to incorporate their meanings and lessons into your daily life.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact your dream and the symbolism of snakes and flowers are all quite beautiful.

Happy Dreaming,

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Dec 12, 2013
Snakkes in dream part 2
by: ABC

Hi Amy...

Thanks for providing me the interpretation...

about the earlier dream... this is a continuation...i saw a snake again in the dream....

we are planning to buy a new house and we like a house and have been discussing a lot about it.. as we like the house but not able to decide due to finances and other priorities like car etc...

so now i the dream.. we are in the house looking around and im asking my husband not be buy the house as has a big garden and will be difficult to maintain and the kid would also eat dirt from the garden.( my kid actually picks and eats dirt a lot )...

2. it would have a lot of wild creatures in the garden like insects and all....and may be snakes... and that time i see a black snake curling on the tree in the garden of the house ..with its tounge sticking out...( though the toungue is not forked..and i actually notice this in the dream)....

i dont remember anything else...

would you be able to help.?

Sep 22, 2014
White snake eating black snakes NEW
by: Anonymous

Not sure what this means but, I had a dream about a white snake and there were many black snakes around it and from what else I remember, the white snake started eating all of the black snakes and then I woke up. I'm not sure if it's my mind remembering the recent albino white snake that escaped from the san diego zoo on the news a few weeks ago, or if it has any symbolic relevance to anything that may be coming or happening in my life. I feel like I was afraid at first but then wasn't and then I woke up after I saw the white snake looking up at me while consuming the black snakes around it.

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